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(limited number of advertisers - $250 minimum investment
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Ad Example:
Oregon Whitewater Rafting
Family rafting trips on the Rogue River
Special discount for kids if you book now.

Performance Ads™ delivers RESULTS at a fraction of the price that you would pay for a normal pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization and you can't be outbid. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad and goes to your web site or your marketing page...

  Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Pricing

Performance Ads ™ CPC (Cost per Click) Advertising appears on search results activities you target, giving you thousands of impressions at no charge and maximum exposure -- to bring additional targeted traffic to your web site. Ads are evenly rotated within OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO search results. This unique mix results in an easy to use and cost effective marketing campaign. It allows for fair competition, regardless of your budget. You get CPM (Cost Per Impression) marketing with Cost-per-Click value and performance... You only pay if you get results! CPM (Cost Per Impression) Banner ads would cost over $1000 for the same exposure and minimum investment.

Managing your marketing expenses and payments isn't always easy, but OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO Performance Ads ™ is dedicated to helping you stay in control with:

  • No activation fee or set up fee.
  • Daily budget cap, that you set ($5 to $200), so you will never spend more than your daily fixed budget.
  • You decide your fixed maximum budget and how much to invest in advertising.
  • Targeted results and you can't be outbid.
  • $0.25 cents per click* (minimum investment is 1000 visits to your web site).

Performance Ads ™ run until your fixed maximum advertising budget is zero.
Cost-Per-Click price is subject to change at any time.

  Creating Your Ad

Target the RIGHT Keywords
The goal of marketing and advertising is to drive traffic to your web site. Choosing the right keywords is therefore critical: if you choose a search term that few people use, you won't get much traffic. If you choose the wrong keyword you may end up with visitors who aren't really interested in your services. Choose the appropriate keywords for your Performance Ad ™. Its easy to determine what words are getting the most traffic. Call 530-673-3032 for additional coaching. We have a long history of performance of certain keywords (Rafting Example) we have been tracking for over a year.

Qualify the Visitor Before He/She Clicks On Your Ad
You pay every time someone clicks on your link, so make sure he/she is a qualified visitor! Make good use of your title and description to encourage visitors who are specifically looking for a service like yours, while discouraging people who are "just curious".

For instance, you may sell guided whitewater raft trips -- but some people are only interested in free information on the river they can use for a personal trip. These are the people you "don't" want to attract.

Write Good Titles and Descriptions
Don't try to sell more than one idea in an ad. Create titles and descriptions specifically for the trip you want to market. They should "speak" directly to the type of visitor you're trying to attract. The title should attract ATTENTION. For instance, if you sell a variety of raft trips, you might focus on "naturalist raft trip", "honeymoon raft trip", or "ladies only raft trips". Use ATTENTION terms in the title and create INTEREST in the description. Attract the prospect's attention then create interest and if they see something they are interested in they will click-through to your sales page. Your sales page should create DESIRE for the service you are offering with powerful headlines and visual photographs, then CALL THEM TO ACTION....

Send the Visitor Directly to a "Sales" Page
Instead of linking to your home page where the visitor may be presented with a variety of choices, link to the specific page where they will find more information about your ad. You might link to a page which asks the visitor to complete just one action, like submit their email address. You can also direct visitors to your newsletter subscription page, or a page where they're asked to answer a marketing survey. Marketing usually doesn't make the sale, it brings the interested individual to you so you can create a desire for your service by pointing out what makes you different and better and why they should buy from you. You should have a "Call To Action" on the page you direct them to, after all you spent the money to get them there, now ask them to buy.

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We know Performance Ads™ can tap your market for new customers. You can track your marketing with Performance Tracking™ reports. They show your total exposure of ad impressions (how many times the ad was displayed) and click-throughs of actual visits to your web site, or sales page.

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  • $250 minimum investment with Performance Ads™
  • Performance Ads™ Click-through rate is .25 cents per click-through or 1000 visits to your web site.

Daily budget determines marketing exposure for one day
Without a daily budget you could easily run through your entire marketing budget in one day and be left with no marketing for the rest of the month. EXAMPLE: If your CR (conversion rate) is 1% and you need 100 click-throughs to get 1 new customer - that's $20 for 100 click-throughs @ 25 cents/click. If you want to get 3 new customers a day we would recommend $60. If you only want to spend $25/day, we'll show your listings until 100 click-throughs have gone to your site. If you choose $75/day, 300 click-throughs would go to your site. This keeps you to your budget, and you will be exposed to getting 1- 3 new customer per day. Set a daily budget maximum Cost-Per-Click (CPC) that you set ($5 to $200), so you will never spend more than your fixed daily budget.

Create Your - Performance Ad ™

Oregon Whitewater Rafting
Family rafting trips on the Rogue River
Special discount for kids if you book now.

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Adventure Travel
African Safaris
Air Charter
All Inclusive Resort
All Inclusive Trip
Archeology Vacation
ATV / Jeep Tours
Backpacking Vacation
Camping / Campgrounds
Climbing - Mountaineering
Climbing - Rock Climbing
Cycling - Mountain Bike
Cycling - Road Bike
Dude / Guest Ranch Vacation
Eco-Tours / Cultural Tours
Educational Trips
Family Adventure Vacations
Fishing - Fly
Fishing - Ocean
Fishing Vacations
Grand Canyon Vacation
Hiking Vacation
Horse / Mule Drop Camps
Horse Packing Vacation
Horseback Riding
Hot Air Ballooning
Hunting - Archery / Bow
Hunting / Fishing Lodge
Hunting Trips
Interpretive Trips
Kayaking - Inflatables
Kayaking - Sea
Kayaking - Touring
Kayaking - Whitewater
Multi-Sport Adventures
Pack Trips - Llama Trekking
Resorts / Lodges / B&B
Rides - Cattle Drive Vacation
Rides - Stagecoach
Rides - Wagon Train
River - Dory Trips
River - Drift Boats
River - Jet Boat Trips
River - Motorized Rafting
River - Scenic Float
River - Shuttle Service
River - Tubing
River - Whitewater Raft Trips
Sailing / Charter Boat
Scuba Diving
Ski Lodge or Resort
Snow - Alpine Skiing
Snow - Cross Country Skiing
Snow - Dog Sledding Trips
Snow - Heli-Skiing
Snow - Snowmobiling
Snow - Snowshoeing
Snow - Winter Sports
Team - Ropes Courses
Team Building
Training - Guide School
Training - Outdoor Skills
Training - Rescue
Training - Survival
Training - Swiftwater Rescue
Tropical Resort
Vacation Rental
Weekend Getaway
Whale Watching
Wildlife Viewing / Photography
Womens' Programs
Youth Camps / Programs
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