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There is only one reason to market and that is to get prospective customers to buy. Marketing is anything and everything your company does to influence someone to buy. Marketing usually doesn't make the sale, it brings the interested individual to you so you can create a desire for your service by pointing out what makes you different and better and why they should buy from you. Remember that it's not how much you spend that's so important, but rather how much return you get on your investment (ROI)! CPC (Cost per Click) Advertising should be a very effective part of your overall marketing plan.

Affluent Professional Demographics
OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO is vertical marketing to a target market of affluent professionals (Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Attorneys, Judges, State and Government Workers, Technology people and more). Primarily people who have busy schedules, but enjoy an outdoor experience with their family and need a professional guide like you. They can get leisure time off work and have $75,000 + incomes. Household incomes average $115,000 - $300,000. I have researched demographics of consumers who use outfitters for over 25 years, being an outfitter myself for 13 of those years.

Special Listings
You can list one or every trip your company offers. In addition to the basic listing you can also choose to be listed in additional special listings of: Vacation Packages, Featured Wilderness Adventure, Adventure Travel Bargains, and Last Minute Travel for an additional cost. These directories appeal to different types of consumers in assisting them to find the trip they want.

Substantial Marketing Value
OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO offers substantial savings over Cost-Per-Click (CPC) search engines (Overture average pay-per-click advertising is .70 cents). In every category we are less expensive and there is no biding. This approach results in a simple easy to manage and cost effective marketing campaign that allows for fair competition, regardless of your budget. Listings are evenly rotated, and you can't be outbid.

Proven Results
In every situation, interactive search listings come out on top. Search listings drive the highest awareness for a web site. Search listings rank significantly higher in likelihood of a consumer to read or click-through than any other method. Sites listed in search listings are considered more favorable than those in banner ads. Consumers are five times more likely to purchase services after seeing search listings results versus banners. Take advantage of the one advertising medium that gives you the highest ROI (Return On Investment) , credibility and advertiser satisfaction.

  • Online advertisers who track performance say that they received the highest return on investment (ROI) from search results listings.
  • Online advertisers have a significantly higher level of satisfaction with search listings than with any other online advertising method they have used or are currently using.
  • Search-based "Topic Sensative and Trip Specific" Performance Marketing™ brings the interested individual to you so you can create a desire for your service by pointing out what makes you different and better and why they should buy from you.
  • Performance Listings™ delivers clickthrough rates that have averaged 4 times higher than directory listings.
  • The number of Performance Marketing™ advertisers has quickly grown because they get RESULTS converting qualified inquiries into new customers.

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Our basic service for Outfitters and Guides is a membership listing in OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO. Set up your account for click-through targeted marketing. Learn More...

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