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Research has been done with your target audience of affluent professionals to find out what they want. The same type of marketing research done by Fortune 500 companies. Simplicity and easy navigating was their top request. The site colors of maroon and dark green were researched, tested and chosen by your target audience. Our logo, font and spelling with all capitals was tested and chosen by your target audience. It doesn't matter what you or I like, it only matters what our target market prefers. The results are to attract more of your target market and reject others so they won't waste your time...

icon Advanced Technology
By combining exciting new advanced technology, blending search engine queries with data specific results, an industry-leading team and customized partner implementations, we believe OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO will deliver the most laser focused, consumer oriented trip information on the Internet for Outfitters to dramatically increase new clients with targeted, qualified leads. A potential customer can click-through to your web site, or email you directly and request a brochure or specific information on your trip offering.

icon Outstanding Marketing Value
OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO offers substantial savings over Cost-Per-Click (CPC) search engines. In every category we are less expensive and there is no biding (Overture average pay-per-click advertising is .70 cents). This approach results in a simple easy to manage and cost effective marketing campaign that allows for fair competition, regardless of your budget. Listings are evenly rotated, and you can't be outbid. Ever pay for marketing that didn't work? Considering that 80% of print advertising does not work or at best yields a 2 to 1 ROI (return on investment), with OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO you only pay if you get results. Take advantage of this exceptional value in marketing for only $19.95 a year membership.

icon Topic-Sensitive Searching
Search Engines results are based on text analysis, not on topics. We are using a practical approach for the identification of the user preferences within a topic. The user simply chooses the topic he/she is interested in before they do a query. This is Topic-Sensitive searching which narrows down the results of the search for a focused return of information. This is a better model than text based searching and the Random Surfer Model, which is realized by increasing the probability for the Random Surfer jumping to page after page and "getting bored". Pages grouped together on a specific topic generally receive a higher PageRank™ in Google Search Engine. Your web sites'' PageRank™ may increase by being listed under a specific topic in our service.

PageRank and Google are trademarks of Google Inc., Mountain View CA, USA. PageRank is protected by US Patent 6,285,999

icon Trip-Specific Searching
Our research has shown that a large number of busy affluent consumers want to find out specific trip offerings. They don't want to search through a directory of outfitters that takes up their valuable time. They want to see specific trips offered in an area of interest.

icon Email Direct to You
Search Engines don't offer the option of your target market to email you. OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO allows the potential customer to email you directly. They can request a brochure or specific information about a trip. You then have opened up the channel of communication and obtained their valuable email address, which gives you permission to contact them. OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO has delivered you a "hot lead" that is even more targeted that from your own web site, due to the process of elimination. Because of the priority of this hot lead it is important to respond as soon as possible to their request. It has been proven, companies that respond quickly are perceived as service oriented and usually get the sale.

icon Click-Through Direct to Your Web Site
Potential customers are allowed to click-through directly to a sales page or your web site's specific trip page. Marketing usually doesn't make the sale, it brings the interested individual to you so you can create a desire for your service by pointing out what makes you different and better and why they should buy from you. Ask them to buy with a "call to action" once they have come to your site.

You only pay if you get RESULTS.


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