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  Advantages to Web Site Owners

ixon Tips for Boosting Your Marketing Success

There are many advantages, including:

  1. If you have a brand new web site with little or no traffic, no visibility, no PageRank™ and no link popularity, OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO is certainly a way to get started fast while you wait for your traditional search engine marketing efforts and trial and error Search Engine Optimization to kick in and take effect. Pages grouped together on a specific "topic" generally receive a higher PageRank™ in the Google Search Engine. We can help each other with our PageRank™

  2. OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO is ideal for holiday promotions, special offerings, filling last minute trip spaces, or to jump start slow search engine traffic.

  3. With OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO, you have instant visibility. With Performance Listings™ you can be one of the top 3 listings on the search results page.

  4. Choose your marketing, depending on how much you want to invest, or how many new customers you need to fill your spaces. (You will need to know your Web site's conversion rate)

  5. If some of your keywords in your trip titles aren't performing or creating enough interest, you can easily choose new ones. Just log in and change them...... Marketing usually doesn't make the sale, it brings the interested individual to you so you can create a desire for your service by pointing out what makes you different and better and why they should buy from you.

  6. You only pay for click-throughs to your site, so you can target your traffic directly to the trip you want to promote.

  7. With traditional SEO Search Engine Optimization efforts, it's difficult to achieve top rankings if you're in a highly competitive field. With Topic Sensitive Searching, your listings are targeted, and VOILA! You're there listed under your keyword topic! You can purchase Performance Listings™ and be one of the top 3 listings every time.

  8. Marketing with OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO keyword Topic Sensitive Searching is certainly easier, less expensive and less time consuming than optimizing your Web pages, and money well spent because you get Results.

  9. With regular search engines, when algorithms (or ranking criteria) change, you can find yourself booted out of your top spot. With Performance Listings™ you will always be on top, as long as you invest in marketing, with OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO.

  10. You can pinpoint your target audience based on the Topic Sensitive Searching keywords you choose. Some Web sites have multiple target audiences, so you can laser focus keywords in a way to reach each of those target audiences.

  11. Pay-per-click is less expensive than traditional print advertising media with a much higher ROI (return on investment). --- 80% of print advertising does not work or at best yields a 2 to 1 ROI.

  12. With OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO, you don't have to worry about graphic design strategies that could mean death to a Web site otherwise. Is your entire site one huge Flash movie? No problem, if you go through OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO results listings.

  13. OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO offers substantial savings over Cost-Per-Click (CPC) search engines (Overture average pay-per-click advertising is .70 cents). In every category we are less expensive and there is no biding. This approach results in a simple easy to manage and cost effective marketing campaign that allows for fair competition, regardless of your budget. Listings are evenly rotated, and you can't be outbid.

  Tips for Boosting Your Marketing Success

When working with OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO Results Listings, it may take practice to achieve a certain level of success. So, start out slowly, and keep a tight rein on your budget. As you become better at crafting titles and descriptions and choosing highly targeted keywords, you'll gradually be able to increase your budget, if you choose.

Here are some additional tips:

  1. Be sure to create "interest" in the trip title you create at the OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO Trip Listings. Take special care in creating "desire" in the description for your trip, since within the top three slots, the best description gets the most traffic, as a general rule. Focus on what makes you different and better and why should they buy from you....

  2. Your trip title and description must be relevant to the content of your Web page you direct them to. Direct your potential customer to a specific sales page about your trip. If they want information on a specific trip and you direct them somewhere else, like your home page, you may loose them.

  3. Choose very targeted keywords so that you don't pay for needless click-throughs. Don't choose a general topic keyword, because your costs will go up but the traffic won't convert to sales.

  4. Spend time researching your keyword choices at Google's Search Term Suggestion Tool, Overture's Search Term Suggestion Tool or WordTracker

  5. If undecided do your homework, find out how much traffic your keyword gets. Choose a broad range of keywords and test the waters. Watch your keywords carefully. Non-productive keywords should be eliminated and new, more productive keywords should be targeted instead. Keywords have ups and downs depending on the time of year or season.

  6. Generally, you'll have more success if you list 10-20 trips as opposed to just a few trips.

  7. Consider purchasing a Performance Listing™, which means that you hold the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd top listing for your keyword topic.

  8. Set up a separate "tracking sales" page to send your OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO traffic to. In order to determine your conversion rate from OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO, you need to track your click-throughs and sales. We help you with Performance Tracking™. Easily track your marketing results with our advanced system and calculate your sales conversions and ROI (return on investment).

  9. Don't send Pay-per-click traffic to your home page.

  10. Write your trip title and description using "objective" language rather than "subjective." In other words, don't say that your service is the best or #1 (subjective). Rather, list some of the benefits and features of your service that make it unique (objective). Create interest and a desire to go on your trip. What makes you different and better and why they should buy from you.... Remember its not even the trip they want , its the end results they get from going on your trip. The pleasure of being outdoors, the fun, the excitement, seeing places that are only on Sierra Club calendars, the accomplishment of doing an activity, etc....

You'll find many benefits to OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO through Performance Marketing™, but you need to learn some basics before you get started. By doing so, you'll hopefully be more successful when working with the Pay-per-click Search Listings.

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