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The Problem
The problem today is you go to a Search Engine and get… (Results 1 - 10 of about 4,000,000) ........ and 50% of their results are irrelevant. Search Engines are text based only, not topic based. Busy professionals (your target market) don't have time to dig through all that information.

"Web users are picky and impatient, typically visiting only the first three results from a search query, with one in five searchers spending 60 seconds or less on a linked Web document, according to Penn State researchers. "As good as search engines are, there is room for improvement,". "Niche search engines that focus on a narrow topic or search engines that cluster results by finding similarities and grouping them may be consumers' best bet for improving relevancy."

Optimizing (SEO) the Outfitters website for 'traditional' search engines can be a daunting task and expensive. Outcomes are always unpredictable and ever changing, one that many companies are either unable or unwilling to attempt. Search Engine Optimization is extremely time consuming and requires a considerable amount of knowledge to be successful. You may not be satisfied with the results or feel it did not meet your expectations. Even after SEO you have to do a huge linking campaign to get your PageRank™ up to move toward the top. Now, traffic to your site is even part of the algorithm employed as a factor in the presentation of search results… Most Outfitters don't have the time or money to invest in additional time, technology or even keep up with it, but there is a solution to get more qualified traffic…

www.outdoortrips.info is getting 3,248,197 page views a year.
We have 3,010 links in the Google Search Engine Database (84.53% of all searches are on Google), 7,680 in the MSN Search Engine, and 20,628 links in Yahoo, 20,800 in Altavista - to bring you more traffic and business..

The Solution!
OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO is a Consumer Oriented, Intelligent Surfer Model, Topic-Sensitive Search Results site. Providing consumers with an easy, yet powerful, time saving searching method. This Performance Advantage™ qualifies your customer and gives you targeted results for your services…… Marketing research has been done to enhance the experience of the busy affluent consumer to find how they search and what their preferences are. Not just a Directory of Outfitters. It's easy to get started and membership is only $19.95 anually to get listed (for a limited time)

Ron Hilbert
Ron Hilbert, President
OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO Marketing and Solutions Group Inc.

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