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Read on to find out more about the cost of running an OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO Performance Marketing ™ campaign. OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO believes strongly in providing high quality and targeted marketing to our users. Remember that it's not how much you spend that's so important, but rather how much return you get on your investment (ROI)!    CPC (Cost per Click) search results listings should be a very effective part of your overall marketing plan. Consider that 80% of print advertising does not work or at best yields a 2 to 1 ROI (return on investment) Online advertisers who track performance say that they received the highest return on investment (ROI) from search results listings. Take advantage of the one advertising medium that gives you the highest ROI (Return On Investment) , credibility and advertiser satisfaction.

Performance Marketing™ CAMPAIGN COSTS FAQ's

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  1. How much will my marketing membership cost?
  2. What else affects the cost of my marketing?
  3. Am I charged for emails from my listing?
  4. How much do I have to pay to be in the top position every time?


  1. When does my marketing start accruing costs?
  2. What are my payment options?
  3. Does OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO offer credit terms?
  4. How and when do you bill?

  Performance Marketing™ Campaign Costs

  1. How much will my membership cost?

OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO's Performance Marketing ™ offers substantial savings over Cost-Per-Click (CPC) search engines (Overture average pay-per-click advertising is .70 cents). your basic listing membership is $19.95 a year. The cost of campaign ads or additional listings depends on how much you have decided to invest in marketing, and knowing your marketing goals. What are your specific goals? How many new customers do you need to fill your trips, as an example?

What percentage of unique visitors to your web site actually make a purchase? For instance, a web site that makes 1 sale for every 100 visitors has a conversion rate of 1%.

Although the quality of visitors you get from OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO may be higher than what you normally get through other marketing means, knowing your CR (conversion rate) will give you a "baseline" to help determine your ROI (return on investment - one time sale). What is your average sale? Lets say it is $200. You spent $20 to get a return of $200 that's' a 10 to 1 ROI (return on your advertising investment). [The minimum acceptable marketing return is 2 to 1] If you are not doubling your money, it's a poor investment.

Let's say your conversion rate is 1%. Based on this, you need 100 click-throughs on your link to make 1 sale. That's an investment of 20 cents/click or $20. Figure out whether or not your profit margin is sufficiently high enough to justify the cost. If so, are you willing to spend even more to get your link displayed longer in the search results and possibly generate more click-throughs and sales? Will the additional sales justify the extra cost?

What you are calculating is the cost of acquiring a "new" customer. Once you have that new customer how many times will he/she come back and buy again? What is their TLV (total life value), how many times will they spend $200 in the future?












6 years



Average Sale

gross profit margin

Profit per Sale


Sales per year


Profit per year


Client Life


Total Value of Client

Acquiring 1 customer cost you $20 and your TLV (Total Life Value) return will be $960. Your ROI (return on Investment) is 48 to 1 TLV.

  • Set your limits: Choose how much you are going to budget per day and per month. You can choose a daily budget as low as $5 dollars ($5 X 30 days = $150 a month) or as high as you want. See question 5 for more information on selecting your daily budget.
  • Be smart: First, don't budget more than you can afford. Second, if you are unsure what to budget per day or month to acquire a new customer, we help you by giving you cost estimates, specific to your campaign, during the sign up process. Finally, we suggest you start off with a reasonable budget.


For start-ups & young growing companies with little or no customers ... there is no formula. Because whatever % you come up with would be meaningless. i.e. 5% of nothing = nothing. Even with successful established companies, this varies greatly ... but there are formulas.

There are industries that spend only 3% of revenue to generate clients (but they tend to be well established, have lots of customers and old fashioned.) I know other industries that spend 25-30% of Revenues back on marketing ... and also are very established, but have a low COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) and a high GPM (gross profit margin)

The "norm" most companies work from is the "8-10-12% Rule" for established companies, which means:

  • Reinvest 8% of "gross profits" (not revenue) into all marketing for marginal growth
  • 10% for average growth
  • 12% for aggressive growth

Grow from what works: Once you know what works, you can start to build more campaigns to attract new customers.

Additional information and specific Click-Through Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Email (CPE), Performance Listings™ and Performance Ads™ can be found in the account activation screens. You must have at lease one trip listed and be logged-in to access this information.

  2. What else affects the cost of my marketing?

There are also a couple of other factors to consider:

  • Keywords: Choosing the right keywords ensures that you attract only your potential customers and only pay for click-throughs that are likely to bring you a good ROI (return on investment). Using keyword and topic matching helps you manage your listings to the most relevant searches.
  • Targeting: Targeting your listing to your specific market ensures that you are competing in the right market looking for your service. Effective targeting is accomplished through trip titles that interest a potential customer, keywords an individual thinks of when they think of your service and great description text.
  3. Am I charged for emails from my listing?

OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO does allow the potential customer to email you. This service is not offered by search engines. They can request a brochure or specific information about a trip through an email form. You then have opened up the channel of communication and obtained their valuable email address, which gives you permission to contact them. OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO has delivered you a "HOT LEAD" that is even more targeted that from your own web site. Because of the priority of this HOT LEAD it is important to respond as soon as possible to their request. It has been proven, companies that respond quickly are perceived as service oriented and usually get the sale.

There is no additional cost for HOT LEAD emails

  4. How can I be in the top position every time?

OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO Performance Marketing ™ basic membership listing does not rank listings on cost. There is no way to reserve top placement in the basic Performance Marketing ™ program. This approach results in an easy to manage and cost effective campaign that allows for fair competition, regardless of your budget. You can't be outbid. Listings are evenly rotated. NOTE: We don't even show the price of your service to encourage the potential customer to click-through to your web site where you have more trip details, availability and accurate prices.

BUT, you may reserve top placement or top 3 listings with our Performance Listings™ program. These listings appear above the Performance Marketing ™ listings and are evenly rotated within OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO. search results, when the page reloads the top 3 listings change position.

  Performance Marketing ™ Billing information

  1. When does my marketing start accruing costs?

Your basic Performance Marketing ™ listings don't begin running and accruing costs until you activate your account. When you are ready to activate your account, log-on to your account and submit your billing information. Your listings will then appear on OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO immediately.

  2. What are my payment options?

OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO offers one membership payment plan for you to choose from.

  1. Basic Performance Marketing ™ Plan membership $19.95 a Year
    This automatic plan ensures uninterrupted service during your season with minimum account management. You authorize your credit card to be charged a specific fixed amount annualy. You will be notified by email when your account is charged or when your marketing hs ended.

We currently accept checks, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. If you are paying in a non-USD currency, you can use Visa, MasterCard with those logos.

We do accept payment by check for your payment in advance for the basic membership marketing program.

  3. Does OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO offer credit terms to customers?

There are no credit terms for billing or monthly invoicing all accounts are pre-paid. Typically, these companies will have an established monthly marketing campaign they have committed to in advance for their marketing program.

  4. When do you bill?

We bill on your anniversary date, or when your account was activated.

You pay only for the basic membership which includes click-throughs and email HOT LEADS you've actually received.

If you desire other terms or invoicing, we are happy to review all such requests.

You will only pay for results. Results is defined as page views, click-throughs, or emails from your basic membership listing. If you do not get any "results" your membership fee will be refunded.

OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO filters search result click-throughs and removes robot traffic, repeated clicks by the same IP within a 2-hour period, clicks on results over 2-hours old, IP addresses of suspicious origin and clicks from OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO staff testing functions of the service.

You only pay if you get RESULTS.


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