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Performance Ads ™ CPC (Cost per Click) Advertising

Optimizing (SEO) the Outfitters website for 'traditional' search engines can be a daunting task and expensive. Outcomes are always unpredictable and ever changing, one that many companies are either unable or unwilling to attempt. Search Engine Optimization is extremely time consuming and requires a considerable amount of knowledge to be successful. You may not be satisfied or feel it met your expectations. Even after SEO you have to do a huge linking campaign to get your PageRank™ up to move toward the top. Most Outfitters don't have the time or money to invest in additional time, technology or even keep up with it… Fortunately, Performance Ads ™ CPC (Cost per Click) Advertising allows you to specify exactly what keywords you want to be listed under -- to bring additional targeted traffic to your web site.

Ad Example:
Oregon Whitewater Rafting
Family rafting trips on the Rogue River
Special discount for kids if you book now.

  Creating Your Ad

Target the RIGHT Keywords
The goal of marketing and advertising is to drive traffic to your web site. Choosing the right keywords is therefore critical: if you choose a search term that few people use, you won't get much traffic. If you choose the wrong keyword you may end up with visitors who aren't really interested in your services. From our list choose the appropriate keywords for your marketing. Its easy to determine what words are getting the most traffic, the numbers are posted next to the keyword. When your keyword is searched on your Performance Ad ™ will appear on the search results page.

Qualify the Visitor Before He/She Clicks On Your Link
You pay every time someone clicks on your link, so make sure he/she is a qualified visitor! Make good use of your title and description to encourage visitors who are specifically looking for a service like yours, while discouraging people who are "just curious".

For instance, you may sell guided whitewater raft trips -- but some people are only interested in free equipment lists they can use for personal use. These are the people you *don't* want to attract.

Write Good Titles and Descriptions
Create titles and descriptions specifically for each of your keywords. They should "speak" directly to the type of visitor you're trying to attract. For instance, if you sell a variety of raft trips, you might focus on "naturalist raft trip", "honeymoon raft trip", or "ladies only raft trips". Use each of these terms in the title and description to help attract the prospect's attention. Don't try to sell more than one idea in an ad.

Send the Visitor Directly to a "Sales" Page
Instead of linking to your home page where the visitor may be presented with a variety of choices, link to the specific page where they will find more information about your ad. You might link to a page which asks the visitor to complete just one action, like submit their email address. You can also direct visitors to your newsletter subscription page, or a page where they're asked to answer a survey. Marketing usually doesn't make the sale, it brings the interested individual to you so you can create a desire for your service by pointing out what makes you different and better and why they should buy from you. You should have a "Call To Action" on the page you direct them to, after all you spent the money to get them there, now ask them to buy.

  Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Pricing

Your Performance Ads ™ Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is determined according to the category your service fits into, with no bidding. You only pay when someone clicks on your link and visits your web site. Ads are evenly rotated within OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO search results. This unique mix results in an easy to use and cost effective campaign allows for fair competition, regardless of your budget.

Managing your advertising expenses and payments isn't always easy, but OUTDOORTRIPS.INFO Performance Ads ™ is dedicated to helping you stay in control with:

  • No activation or set up fee
  • No minimum spending or time commitment
  • Daily budget maximum cost-per-click (CPC) that you set ($5 to $1000), so you will never spend more than your fixed budget.
  • Laser targeted advertising to reduce unwanted clicks and get targeted results.

If you are an outfitter member start your marketing ad by logging into your account at:
Under Additional Advertising click on Performance Ads - Create and follow the instructions.

If you wish to advertise but are NOT an outfitter - >>> GO HERE TO PLACE YOUR AD
CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD - 530-755-2288

You only pay if you get RESULTS.


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